Good Bye… A short Reflection

I never thought of how I would die. It never crossed my mind that someday or maybe sooner, death will reap my immortal soul from its mortal vessel. I never thought of how I would face God, knowing that I turned my back against Him. I never thought of saying good bye to everyone who became part of my short life here on Gaea. I don’t know what to say to the ONE who will judge me after I passed to the realm of the angels and ghosts. I am never ready. That puts shiver down to spine. Will it be heaven or the pains of hell? Will be Paradise or Paradox?… Will I ever see her again??


I wish this will be the last thing I will see before light fades in me..

To Everyone You’ve Been the Greatest Audience!

The sudden jolt of lifelessness hits me,
As the bullet from the caliber .45 impacts my cranium
My brain splattered as the bullet runs through my skull
Dead before I lay down on the ground

I do know that this will all end here…
But I never expected that she will shed a tear
As she sobs down all the pain from seeing me fall down
I stood up, immortal but just a shadow in a white gown

I knew I was dead, He never gave me a chance
Even to review my life in a fleeting dance
I wish I saw my mother, or just hugged her,
Or gave a high five to my dearest father

But I knew this was the end,
And I have you all to give my compliment
The show’s ending in a short moment
I hope you enjoyed my performance, God lend.


About JL. Valenzuela

I um a galaktek cremenal... i layk menesing other beengs, espesyali hooman beengs..
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